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и¿ڙC䓎ʽи¿ڙCXƙCpmϬFиܵ¿ڙCČ܉òP͹܉(䓎ͨ^ӣֱ{)߷ʴ_иeλ¿ڽǶȿ{ 15m늄bٶȿ{Dƣdzmƽ_ܼи͹ܵи aƷmù܏2502400mmĹܵRέhX݆ʽи1888hhͼƬ,youtube,jizzhutͼƬm܇gЧϣҿɔUչбиCAluminum body, light weight, high assembly accuracy, saddle and ring gear coaxiality up to 0. 64mm, end face verticality 0. 38 mm. Electric type with 15m long remote control cable, adjustable speed and positive and negative rotation. One model can be used for four adjacent pipe diameters. Adjustable groove Angle. Equipped with double cutting handle frame, it can cut out both sides of groove at the same time and match with roundness wheel, it can be used for non-round pipe cutting ~ series products, suitable for pipe diameter of 50 ~ 1200ram.

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    и¿ڙC⣬߀Уʽи¿ڙCԭͬ¿ڙCвڼLи_¿ڵRAϵйܵи¿ڙCm偠tQܵ̎BRBϵ¿ڙCm춬F܇gڹܵܶ̎ӹ¿ڙC춳йùůܵʩքиȵȡC춬FIи¿ڙCͮaƷɿԸߣm춬FIں̶ֹܴģԄӻ̶ȁKߡ It is suitable for beveling machine for thick wall pipe end processing in site and workshop. Used for city public heating, gas supply pipeline construction manual cutting knives and so on. To sum up, the cutting/groove machine molding products used in foreign field operations are highly reliable and suitable for field operations, but to a large extent, they are operated manually by people, and the degree of automation is not high.